If you are hosting a public event, we can send our colorful, food truck to you! 

We have two primary options for your convenience.  Both are geared towards contributing to make your event extremely successful!


Event Guarantee + Customer Discount

Event pays $100 for booking

All attendees receive $1 Off ALL drinks

Note: Ideal for events with attendance between 300-1000


Minimum Guarantee By Event

Event guarantees a minimum of $300 in sales (paid for by attendees purchasing ideally)

Three (3) hours of food truck service
(Additional hour of service requires $100 guarantee)

If sales exceed $300, nothing is owed by event
(most common scenario)

If event does not generate sales exceeding $300, event covers the difference
(this scenario occurs less than 5% of the time)

Note:  Ideal for events with high expected boba tea customers (typically equates to 1000+ attendees)


General Note: We carry inventory on our food truck to accommodate 15%-25% of your overall attendance.



Milk Tea Flavors

  • Classic Milk Tea (A Top Seller)
  • Taro Milk Tea (Caffeine Free & A Top Seller)
  • Almond Milk Tea
  • Coconut Milk Tea
  • Honeydew Milk Tea (Caffeine Free)
  • Thai Tea
  • Jasmine Milk Tea
  • Vietnamese Coffee
  • Oolong Milk Tea

Fruit Based Flavors

  • Passion Fruit Green Tea (A Top Seller)
  • Mango Green Tea (A Top Seller)
  • Strawberry Black Tea
  • Lychee Green Tea
  • Blackberry Black Tea
  • Peach Green Tea
  • Green Apple Green Tea
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Amount of time do I need to give for an event request?

One (1) week prior to event minimum

Types of events serviced?

Grand openings, many types of 'fests', farmers markets, hackathons, church events, fairs, hospitals, etc

What payment methods are allowed?

Credit card and cash accepted

How far in advance can one book?

Bookings accepted as far as two (2) years in advance

How long are services?

Standard service is three (1) hours long (Additional hour of service requires $100 guarantee)

What do I provide?

Our food truck requires three (3) parking spots.  Also, we prefer traffic cones to designate where we are to park (no need to provide electricity nor water...we have that covered)

If a Festival: please provide employee parking passes along with loading areas for restocking

What areas do you serve?

We travel within 40 miles of our Deep Ellum location (3014 Main St) and any event beyond that will incur trip charges