The Bobaddiction team can come out to your next event, so that you can enjoy our boba tea drinks, shaved snow desserts, egg waffle cones, homemade ice cream, mochi ice cream and homemade pastries without having to find our truck! We are here for you whether it is for a company event or meeting, convention, birthday, wedding, or dinner gathering. Let us know which items you want at your event and we will work with you to customize a menu and package!

Public Event - below are our packages with different guarantee
amounts and discounts:




Guarantee amount (depends on expected attendance)




Boba tea

$2 off (50% off)

$1 off (25% off)

regular price ($4/drink)

Shaved snow

$3 off (~40% off)

$2 off (25% off)

regular price ($8/dessert)

We require a guarantee amount for operational fees (brewing the teas, worker wages, gas, etc.), and also so to insure that we still make some type of minimum amount in case there are no customers. With the discount per tea and per shaved snow prices, you should get your money's worth after 50 or so drinks and desserts. If the event proves to be successful, we can waive the guarantee amount in the future!

Boba tea flavors:

  • 3 flavors for no additional charge
  • 6 flavors for $30 extra
  • 9 flavors for $50 extra
  • 12 flavors for $75 extra
  • Choices: honeydew milk tea, classic milk tea, taro milk tea, thai tea, Vietnamese coffee, almond milk tea, coconut milk tea, strawberry black tea, mango green tea, passion fruit green tea, lychee green tea, peach green tea, green apple green tea (requests available as well, we have recipes for 50+ flavors)

Required operational costs (private catering, price includes drink, boba and fruit preparation, setup, cleanup, gas, use of machinery, etc.) - $100

Serving labor (private catering) - $40 per hour

Booth within venue (private catering, extra cost for setup/cleanup) - $50

Drink fountains (private catering, self serve, no serving labor required) - $10 per flavor

Minimum Order (private catering) - $300

Deposit (private catering) - $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve us for any future date

Serving options (private catering) - 1. food truck, 2. booth with chilled dispensers and servers, 3. booth with self serve drink fountains

We can arrange a FREE taste test any time and place to try out our product! Contact us at or call 512-763-BOBA(2622). Or you can stop by our truck when we have a public event (see our calendar/schedule on this site!).